Shelter On A Rock

For a period of time,I am always thinking about how to model an environment stuff from ground up with the help of assests from third party like Evermotion or Vizpark. It's not an easy task for me,as I am not specialized on landscape design or Architecture design.I just purely love cg stuff and hopefully,one day I can make a living on this.

It is also a small step for me to step forward photorealism.I want to make to make the feelings of my stills close and real photos of this project as close as possible. The result turned out to be just ok in my perspective of view.


The most interesting and difficult part of this project is the Huge Rock which is the Key element of this project in my opinion.


I tried several ways,one of these is just assemble the huge rock with several High-Poly models from Megascan which are really awesome.But unfortunately,they are amazing when they are individually,I lack some knowledge to layout an interesting appearance with these assests which is kinda frustrating. The Rock on this site is so characteristic and so complicated,it means you have to sculpt these rock to make them look similar with each other.

Then I went ahead and search the Internet for some Rock sculpting tutorials .I don't have enough budget to purchase a Zbrush license,though Zbrush2018 is just such an amazing piece of software. Fortunately,Blender also have sculpting tool and many artists sculpt amazing character/animals with it. Compared to Zbrush,Blender sculpting tools lacks some features like Z-remesh function which seems to be quite important to sculpting workflow.

My basic work flow of setting up the mesh is: firstly I use box modeling method to model some basic shape,then I subdivide the mesh use Multi-resolution Modifier and the subdivision level set to 6 and finally I can start sculpting.

With several attempts,I finally archive something like this with my best effort(3 billions amount of poly).Thanks to Megascan surface,which can be repeated seamlessly,so I can finally make something can be used. It takes several days for me to figure out how to combine angular shape and smooth shape all together which is kinda interesting.



It is worthy to be noted,I tried several ways to blend forest ground and pebble ground textures.I found out 2 ways which are useful,one is use Corona-Edge material,the other one is use Vertex Paint modifier,both ways have ability to blend 2 materials naturally without any hassle.

The Grass and Wild Fern and Ground Clover models come from Megascan which add lots of wildness feeling to this image. The God lies in the detail,if I didn't hit ram restriction,I just want to add as much detail as possible.It is just a shame that I have never been really familier with Forest Pack plugin yet(Though I own it for more than a year),with Forest Pack plugin,you can really build an ecosystem quite easy.


Finally,I really love this camera view with lot more detail than first image.I tried GrowFX to model the ivy though it is unnoticeable from image,again it adds some realism to this image.

To wrap it up,It is the first step for me to step into photorealism.I love nature and these plants/rocks and every piece of detail.And from now on I will pay more attention to environment modeling.

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